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Wednesdays from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Mishelle Ruff, DoLife Facilitatior

Darkness does not comprehend the power we have when we step into God's light. God breaks your chains, breaks those generational curses, and drop the baggage of shame and condemnation. He gave us life! Step out of the old, and DoLife in agape love! 


All are welcome and all are loved!

What to Expect

DoLife Recovery is a gathering of people of all walks of life who seek healing in all forms. Although the group is focused on supporting those in active recovery from addiction or provide for those who are affected by addiction, anyone dealing with any type of situation and in need of any support is invited to come. Each gathering begins with a meal and fellowship in the Upper Level and transitions to a time of worship, word, testimonies, and support in the Worship Center. 

Note: To maintain a safe and confidential atmosphere for all attendees, we do not record or live stream any sessions. 

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