At True Vision Christian Community, and we are preparing for what we believe will be a year of supernatural growth which will allow us to fulfill our mission to “Save the Lost, Heal the Saved, and Equip the Church” and be a multicultural and multigenerational expression of God’s love in Lancaster and the region. With these in mind, we are embarking on our largest mission thus far: the 30/30 Campaign.


The 30/30 campaign is a twofold project. 


First, our goal is to grow our consistent church membership and attendance to 30 people locally in our main Lancaster location by the end of 2022. Currently, our membership consists of 14 people with a regular Sunday attendance of six adults and two children. We believe through strategic and prayer-led evangelism and outreach, our location in the heart of Lancaster, active participation in local and regional events, and a more robust social media and online presence, we will be able to achieve this goal. 


Our second goal is to partner with 30 outside individuals, families, churches, and other organizations to support us financially on a consistent basis as 30/30 Partners. We know there are many people who know about us and want to support the vision but are unable to be a part of the day to day work of the ministry. Being a 30/30 partner allows people the opportunity to help us reach Lancaster and the region beyond what we are able to do ourselves. The funds from this work will go directly back into the work of the ministry so we are able to serve Lancaster and the area at a higher level of excellence. As a 30/30 Partner, we will send you monthly updates on our progress, upcoming events, prayer targets, and other aspects of importance to the church. 


We have made strategic changes to the ministry to help meet these goals:

  • We have added an Associate Pastor who is handling all social media, marketing, and the website.

  • We have acquired office space in Downtown Lancaster which is within our means based on current giving. 

  • Because of the office space, we have access worship space which centrally located in town and allows us room to grow to meet our goal. 

  • We have transitioned our Worship Encounters from Sunday afternoon to Sunday mornings

  • We are taking on a more missional approach to ministry and plan to use Sundays as a time of evangelism and intentional outreach to the city. 


If you would like to support the ministry as a 30/30 Partner, please sign up here via PayPal or Givelify. Your gift can be of any amount and can be recurring for any time frame you choose. 


If you are unable to do a recurring gift, please feel free to give as you feel God leads you to. One way you can help us is by contributing towards a wish list item for our Ministry Hub and Worship Encounters. Immediate needs include computers, desks, cameras, and storage items.


Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting True Vision Christian Community.